The Curiosity Approach

In 2018 The Ark Pre-School implemented ‘planning in the moment’. This means that instead of forward planning before children attend for their session, we plan as we go, branching off children’s interests and what is happening in that moment as they play and explore.

Forward planning can take time (which in Early Years you do not have a lot of!) and usually a week after a child shows an interest or been curious about something, that moment has passed to extend their learning, which means all the wonderful moments you could of seen would now have been missed. So, by planning in the moment, we focus on responding to the children in this very moment. Not tomorrow…not next week…right now. By focusing on what is happening in that moment and scaffolding the children’s learning is what is called a ‘teachable moment’. We as educators need to be confident to recognise these moments and to act upon them, furthering the children’s thoughts, learning, and involvement. Instead of writing down lots of planning before the day, we record the teachable moments, the WOW moments, and the outcomes achieved after the magic has happened!

From following ‘planning in the moment’ we saw huge changes, positive changes! Children were getting experiences and moments they usually would have had to wait almost a week for, happening right there and then…as they should of! We saw a change in behaviour, children’s communication skills, and learning through play happening more and more.

These changes led some staff to become intrigued about what more was out there to support this change we had made and to further it…queue THE CURIOSITY APPROACH!

Working Towards Logo smallSo, from September 2020 we decided to take small steps, inspired by the curiosity approach to improve our environment and interactions with the children even more. From changing our environment layout, swapping some of our plastic resources to more authentic and natural resources. Swapping our brightly coloured, distracting walls and displays to calming colours and hessian boards.

These small changes helped us to see big improvements within the setting once again, and we were excited to see if even more could be done to support these children in their first years, to help them see the awe and wonder around them, to spark their curious minds.

We were ready. We took the plunge, and in January 2021 we enrolled onto the Curiosity Approach Accreditation! From this we will spend 12 months, following their guidance and implementing more and more positive improvements within our environment, our resources, and our staff!

We can not wait to see where this journey takes us…but we know its going to be fantastic!

The Ark Pre-School Tribe x

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