Under the Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum, which governs what we do, we plan and resource children’s learning carefully, tailoring activities to individual children whilst still allowing them scope to initiate their own play. Sometimes there will be focused activities which are adult led and sometimes the activities will be child initiated where the adult role will be to support and extend their learning.

We use a method of planning called ‘planning in the moment.’ This approach requires a well-resourced environment, where children can access resources themselves. Staff observe the children and extend their learning by interacting or adding resources to extend the learning as it happens.

We avoid stopping play as much as possible to allow time and space to children’s development through their play.

Our daily routine looks something like this:

  • 09.00am – children arrive, self-register and go into their appropriate room [age groups split]. Free play indoor and outdoor
  • 10.00am – snack time
  • 11.45am – story/singing time
  • 12.00am – Lunchtime
  • 12.30pm – free play in the hall
  • 1.00pm – large group physical activity

Afternoon sessions are the same routine as mornings.

Language & Communication

We have a member of staff who is a trained ‘language lead’ her role is to support children and staff in language and communication. She works with outside agencies and speech and language specialists to deliver small targeted group times and activities to develop individual language needs.

The type of activities your child will be engaged in;

  • Painting, construction, small-world play such as farms, train sets, cars and garages, dolls houses.
  • Play dough, clay, corn flour dough, water play sand and soil play.
  • Role-play, dressing up, dolls and play food, physical play with cars, bikes and scooters and climbing equipment, balls and balancing equipment.
  • Dancing, singing, acting out stories, listening to stories and looking at books.
  • Drawing, sticking and cutting, mark-making and learning to form letters, counting, problem solving and using number language.

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